This function checks that the modeling_results object has the appropriate structure. For more details please check the vignette documentation.




Defaults to the output of fetch_data(type = 'modeling_results'). This is a list of tables with the columns f_stat_* or t_stat_* as well as p_value_* and fdr_* plus ensembl. The column name is used to extract the statistic results, the p-values, and the FDR adjusted p-values. Then the ensembl column is used for matching in some cases. See fetch_data() for more details.


The input object if all checks are passed.

See also

Other Check input functions: check_sce_layer(), check_sce(), check_spe()


if (!exists("modeling_results")) {
    modeling_results <- fetch_data(type = "modeling_results")
#> 2023-09-05 20:29:21.055865 loading file /github/home/.cache/R/BiocFileCache/11447289c394_Human_DLPFC_Visium_modeling_results.Rdata%3Fdl%3D1

## Check the object
xx <- check_modeling_results(modeling_results)